How to pass the PMP exam?

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How to pass the PMP exam?

  • Waqar Hussain
  • 02 Nov, 2020
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PMP® is the most famous credential of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and attracts almost all project managers working around the globe. Either you work in Information Technology, Healthcare, or any industry, getting a PMP certified is the biggest milestone in your professional life. Thousands of participants go through this journey each year and right now the number has become double since PMI has announced to change the exam pattern from 1st of January, 2021.

As a Project Management coaching firm, we are also getting numerous requests about PMP exams and almost every other email is asking for a clear strategy to pass the PMP exam on the first attempt before 31st December 2020. We guess this curiosity has brought to you at this blog and we will ensure not to disappoint you.

We have 4 steps foolproof roadmap that will help you to clear the PMP exam. Additionally, we have two character traits to work on to ensure that you following the roadmap and achieving the PMP certification.

Let’s read them all!

Step – 1 Enroll in any PMP workshop

You have to enroll in the PMP training workshop and get the 35 contact hours certificate as a prerequisite to apply for the exam. There are several options to get this training and you can choose any one of them. Before choosing your option, we strongly recommend ensuring that you are getting the following features as part of the package.

  • Ensure that trainer is a practitioner, not only a “trainer”. A practitioner will help you to have the exposure of Project Management for real. He/She will tell you the practical application through his/her experience. You will be able to connect the PMBOK guide with your experience as a Project Manager so far. Only a “trainer” can never do it
  • Ensure that the workshop is clearing your concepts on project management instead of focusing on passing the exam only. If you clear your concepts well, passing the exam will be a byproduct for you
  • Ensure that you are able to identify knowledge gaps between your’s and PMBOK guide. This will help you to filter out the strengths and weaknesses. Once identified, you can now focus on your weaknesses and make them into strengths
  • Ensure you are getting enough time to learn, apply, and then giving feedback. In 4 full days, crash courses will not allow you to apply concepts at your real-life job. So find something that allows you to learn a few concepts in each session and then enough space to apply them in your workspace

Step – 2 Practice through simulators

Once got the workshop attended, now you need to practice and gauge your performance through exam simulators. You can also use free questions available on the internet but accessing the formal simulator will help you a lot. We recommend the below simulator available on Udemy to every participant of our coaching program. You can try them too.

Step – 3 Fill the PMP Application

If you are chasing the December 31st, 2020 date and want to have the PMP certification before this, you need to fill your PMP application now. There is a random audit process and if you are picked up for this audit then there is a chance to miss the deadline.

Filling up the PMP application form and scheduling the exam are both different process. After successful PMP application form entry, you will get a year to schedule the exam and we believe that it is long enough to get prepared and win the competition.

Step – 4 Create & Follow the Strategy Plan

The majority of participants make 2 months gap between attending the workshop and appearing in the exam. In these two months, most of the people lost their way from the roadmap. Why? Because they never plan this break effectively. If you are taking an exam a week after attending the workshop, then skip this step. Otherwise, you need to have the study plan to ensure that you do not lose out in the middle.

Again, a study plan can be different according to your situation. We are only giving a few pointers to ensure the effectiveness of your study plan.

  • Use the gaps between your knowledge and PMBOK you identified during the workshop. Target them to close it. You can do it on your own by reading books and blogs or can adapt our exclusive coaching program
  • Build a plan that works for you. Make sure you personalized according to your needs and current situation. You know better yourself

There is a probability that you think that this roadmap is simple and you have tried it before. That’s alright and we understand why you thinking like this. Our students have been there.  In addition to the above roadmap, we strongly suggest you work on two character traits in your personality. They are related to your self-development and if you manage to handle them successfully, you will see the benefits in other areas of your life.

The first character trait is Consistency!

To achieve something big like PMP certification in your life, you need to bring consistency in your personality. Consistency will help you to follow the roadmap and be disciplined about it. Now there could be many ways to learn consistency, here we discuss a few quick action items for you to start bringing it.

Ensure, do you want to have the PMP certification?

Make sure you compete because of your dream. Not because you are under peer pressure or motivated by some sales professional. If you do not want this certification, drop this, and invest time where you see the passion. It will be better for both, you and project management profession.

Have a consistent morning

Morning time is established to learn and evening time is for rest. This is a natural rule from the creator of this universe. Follow this deliberately and try to make it consistent. You get minimum distractions in the morning which becomes essential to achieve something big like PMP certification.

Avoid paralysis by analysis

Don’t trap in paralysis. Often, perfection leads people into paralysis. Track your performance in the simulator & applying concepts at your workspace. If you are getting good results in these two things, it’s time to go for the PMP exam.

You are what you do repeatedly

Set a routine to follow strictly. Be disciplined if you want to win the game and shine like a star PMP certified Project Manager. Remember always, you are what you do repeatedly.

The second character trait is Procrastination!

First, you need to drop this “procrastination” element from your life. This is a character trait that stops you from becoming successful anywhere. This eats your time and energy in just seconds. You dream of big objectives like holding the PMP certification, but this procrastination habit does not allow you to make progress and ends it up ultimately. Let’s have quick action points to get rid of procrastination.

Do 5 minutes rule

This is from Brain Tracy and originally it is 3 or 2 minutes rule but we recommend you try doing an unwanted thing like reading PMBOK for 5 minutes at least. After 5 minutes take a break and try again. In this way either you will get your task done slowly or get enough motivation to increase the 5 minutes into 50 minutes. In both cases, you will be reading the PMBOK.

Focus on single tasks

Stop task switching. Focus on one task at a time and finish it well. If you want to become a PMP certified and Scrum Master at a time, there is a chance you will not get anyone of them. So focus on one thing at a time.

Breakdown big things into smaller tasks

Reading a whole PMBOK guide is a big task. Why not break it into chapter or process-wise? This will give you enough motivation to read the book and upon finishing each chapter or process you get a sense of achievement.

Make blocks in your calendar

Schedule dedicated and uninterrupted blocks in your calendar to get prepared for the PMP exam. Schedule it in advance so you do not over or under commit anything. Announce this schedule publicly with your family and friends so everyone’s expectations will remain fine.

Hold yourself accountable

Finally, upon missing any scheduled slot or decided target, hold yourself accountable. One of our participants decided to pay 10$ to charity every time he missed reading the PMBOK guide during his preparation for the exam. He ended up giving 100$ to the charity before coming into senses.

I hope this blog helped you to have a clear roadmap to pass the PMP exam. Our students have been using it successfully for years and you will get success too. If you still looking to learn project management for real and clear the PMP exam in your first attempt, you can join our Project Management Mastery Coaching Program. This program is exclusive and total personalized according to each participant. We only take limited participants at a time to achieve quality, so hurry up and get registered.

Drop your feedback & suggestions in the comments section. Thanks for reading us out. Follow us on Facebook and Linked In.