5 Best Practices for Remote Work to Avoid Employees Burnout

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5 Best Practices for Remote Work to Avoid Employees Burnout

  • Waqar Hussain
  • 17 Aug, 2020
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Either you take FMCGs, Retailers, or IT organizations, everyone is working from home. In-person meetings have been replaced by video conferencing, coffee gossips transformed into casual calls over messaging applications, in-fact everything is going to digital transformation. In short, screen time has been increased by everyone working from home, which is not good and will ultimately lead to burnout. Yes, burnout for working remotely.

The major impact of going remote is on employee engagement. It has increased a lot. Since there are no physical reminders to leave the office and enjoy the life with family and friends, people are working overtime. Average working day for an IT organization is 10 hours with no deadlines stuff according to research.

Second burnout impact we got on productivity. Since people are not commuting and saving time, they are getting more things done in a day. But due to the lack of communication and coordination policies that exist in organizations, things are getting wrong and burning out the employees.

Here are the 5 best practices for remote work that every organization must adapt as soon as possible to avoid the burnout.

  1. Align again on what adds value to your customers. This seems a normal thing, but again we suggest checking the alignment of your operations with the customer's needs. It's possible that working remotely might hurting the customer's objectives and you might tweak some changes.
  2. Let's employee give their opinions. When an employee work for your projects, he usually keeps providing feedback face to face. Now, since you all are working from home, encourage employees to share and discuss feedback with you or relevant persons periodically.
  3. Train your employees. This is a majorly missing thing we have observed around us. Organizations have sent everyone to remote working without proper training. We know situation did not give a time when you took the decision for remote working, but now it is the right time to train your employees. Training like technology or productivity is the best.
  4. Consider digital transformation as a Project. Like a normal project, organizations must plan, execute, and adapt digital transformation thing. This will be the biggest change and needs careful planning and handling.
  5. Do not kill a balanced life. While working physically in a building, organizations used to have some fun related activities such as indoor sports, outing, etc to promote balance and a healthy work environment. Now working remotely has killed all such things and demanding organizations to come up with a creative way to keep employees productive and balanced. Choose what best suits you and your organizations.

These 5 best practices will ensure that your employees will not be burned out while working remotely. Drop your feedback & suggestions in the comments section. Thanks for reading us out. Follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagramYoutube, and Linked In.

Photo by Fred Moon on Unsplash