10 Habits of Successful Project Managers

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10 Habits of Successful Project Managers

  • Waqar Hussain
  • 10 Aug, 2020
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We read and conduct research a lot about project managers. We read books and other information material to become successful in project management career but feel sometimes that all this information available on the books and the internet is overwhelming. Additionally, you do not find tips and tricks regarding project managers or project management so easily. So out of all such material, here we present the 10 habits of highly successful project managers.

Believe on the project's objectives

Successful project managers strongly believe in the project's objectives. Either is a big or complex, project manager believes that it will be accomplished. Any doubt especially from leaders like project managers will create an impact on project delivery. 

Take problems as opportunities

Problems are part of the package and successful project managers consider each problem as an opportunity to learn irrespective of the severity. If any project manager is not liking the problems, leading will not be easier. 

Ask the right questions

Project managers have the right to ask question but they must be right. Right enough to elicit non-productive information to make things easier for every stakeholder. Learning about domain and project objectives makes it possible for project managers.  

Do not blame others

Losers play the blame games and successful project managers accept responsibilities. Accepting responsibility gives project managers a room to build trust like a great leader.  

Focus on maximizing strengths

Successful project managers focus on increasing their strengths instead of working out on weaknesses. Whatever your strength is/are, try to maximize them through all possible sources such as training, learning, and experiencing.


Especially while planning and controlling, project managers have to use their visualization skills in several situations such as visualizing the project's end result to have a strong perception about the project or doing what-if scenarios on the scheduling part.

Good in managing emotions

Project managers in good standing at their careers are always best in managing their emotions. They know the best part of their emotions and utilize them in creating success stories in their projects. Advance project managers know about managing other's emotions too.

Excellent communicators

Project managers spend most of their time in communication and successful project managers ensure that they spend the QUALITY TIME to have effective communications. Learn communication skills to become a successful project manager.

Live by values

Successful project managers have to take stances on different points in their projects. These decisions have to interact with the values of the organization as well as the values of an individual. 

Humility instead of arrogance

Arrogance is not for the project managers, especially for the successful ones. Successful project managers are happy to humble and learn from others. Be humble and with the race with kindness is a key in the project management career.

We hope these 10 habits will help you to become a successful project manager. We have seen our participants grow in their project management's career once they start adopting such habits. Drop your feedback & suggestions in the comments section. Thanks for reading us out. Follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagramYoutube, and Linked In.

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